Mile End Mill, Llangollen, Wales Paranormal Investigation


UBS are really excited to bring to you a fantastic investigation at the new location of Mile End Mill In Llangollen, Wales  found just outside the beautiful town of Llangollen, Wales. Built in 1830 fro the textile industry the mill has since had many uses and is currently being used buy two canoe and white water rafting companies.

The mill has never before been publicly investigated and UBS are now the inhouse team with exclusive rights to this great location. it’s steeped in history and paranormal activity that we need to discover as we have access to all areas, including the cafe. Help us find what lurks in and around the building from its working history and those that once worked on site and return from the otherside to tell their stories.

On previous investigations at the mill, there were witnesses to a shadow figure seen walking along the back wall on the top floor. There have also been numerous accounts of people having their legs touched and hair pulled when no one was around. Along with this there has been some great evidence come through during the experiments that were executed on the night with the guest involvement. This is truly a great place to investigate, having only been investigated a few times before by UBS, the Mill keeps giving more and more each time.      

Tickets are £15 per person purchasable below. we aim to start at 8.00pm and finish at 2am. During our time there, you will be taking part in the normal experiments that are expected on an investigation from Table Tipping, Human Pendulum, Spirit Boards, Mirror Scrying and more. We will also be using a vast array of equipment on the night that you can have a go of.  

Tea & coffee can be purchased from the cafe on the night and light snacks will be provided during the night by UBS, but please feel free to bring your own. Please also bring with you a torch and wear flat shoes or trainers.

Smoking is not allowed on the premises but a smoking area will be given. Alcohol or use of recreational drugs are not permitted on site or during the evening and anyone deemed to be under the influence will be removed from the building and no refund given.

Full refunds will be given up to a week before the event date and 50% 3 days before the event date. Refunds will not be given on the day of or after the event. If the event is cancelled, full refunds will be given.